The Vatican

In Mid November 2016, a team of Prolympian coaches will be heading to Rome, Italy by invitation of the Vatican, DRC President Christian Malanga and Italian Diplomats.  They were invited to do the HOLY WALK and bear the cross for those without voices. Especially those Women in the Congo that are suffering in silence as their voices go unheard. This historic year of Jubilee MERCY will close November 20, 2016 and will not happen again until 2025. Our mission is to discuss with world leaders and address the atrocities that are happening right this minute to the Women and Children of the Congo.  Our AIM is to be a part of the Historical close of Jubilee the year of Mercy.  We will be bringing teams of coaches and trainers to initiate our phase of transition into Giving Hope Back to our Sisters and Brothers.  This journey will include Prolympian International Inc., the SHEROES United Leadership Team, Voices of the Congolese Women, SHEROES Heroes, and perhaps a few more.