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Cherell Holladay

Dr Cherell Holladay said: I had been having pain in my hands for weeks from arthritis. After doing the Brainsweep that evening I was fixing dinner and reached for a heavy pan picked it up put the pan on the stove and realized that I did not have any pain in my hands. Before doing the Brainsweep I had to use both hands to pick up this pan and it was painful. Now my hands are pain free.

Wendy Stout, PhD

I felt nothing with the Brain Sweep at the time. Or the next day. Then my legs tingled the third night. The day before yesterday as I went to get dinner and expected the pain I have been experiencing when I eat for the past 5 months I realized that it wasn't there. I noticed my body all day yesterday. WOO HOO! Pain is gone! No more waking up in pain at night! Thank you, Karen.

Pamela R.

Well I have to share.... I'm blown away. I did the Brain Sweep 2 nights ago, and yesterday felt incredibly energized and revitalized. Like I have been fed by the fountain of youth. My stomach was so noisy late in the day. No hunger, no pain, just shifting. I could not get to sleep, I had so much energy. Not the typical; racing thoughts; just pure energy. So, then, I decided to do it again. When I did... I was relaxed and when I fell asleep was solid and sound. Got up this morning, put on my jeans and I seemed to be smaller my belt went in a couple notches. Low and behold. I have lost 2.2 lbs of body fat... went up in Lean muscle mass and lost 5 inches... in two days. Now you, know why I am so blown away. And to boot the pain and stiffness I had in my right knee is gone....

Irene T.

Just wanted to share a small change in my health since doing the BrainSweep (and also the Ht). I didn't do the BrainSweep specifically for this issue, but it has changed, none-the-less. Normally like for the past 10 years at least, I fluctuate in and out of Atrial Fibrilation. Today I had a checkup and the Doctor was listening to my heart. She had a puzzled look on her face and she told me to stop breathing for a second. I did and she still looked puzzled. She said "your heart is in sinus rhythm". I just gave her a blank look and she explained that usually I would be in A-fib, but now it is normal sinus rhythm. I was quite shocked, but pleasantly! I don't understand how it happened, but I will accept it!

Dr. Irena Kyd

I am sleeping again after years of insomnia. Initially the HT worked wonders (that was back in October I think), but STOPPED working after about 2-3 weeks. I talked to Karen about it (while in Rome) and she said: Tomorrow you'll learn something that will let you sleep for the rest of your life. Guess what that something was? Yep, BRAINSWEEP! So now I do brainsweep every night before going to sleep and I sleep well!

Serina Craig

I had an amazing experience with Sharon Dickerson. She helped me over come anxieties and stress from my past of experiencing child abuse she gave me tools to help de stress and not let my anxieties over come me. Her home was warm and inviting and she was very sweet and worked around my busy schedule. She truly is an amazing coach.

Deborah Lofley

Sherryll is an accomplished healer and I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions over the last 20 years. She works with compassion, empathy, intuition and wisdom. As a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for 25+ years I found the Prolympian hand technique effective and very helpful. Love your work Sherryll.

Victoria Hargis

As a client learning about the hand technique I kept thinking it was too easy to work. I didn't remember specific memories at first so I worked on emotions that would come up. I had blocked a lot of stuff out, however over a short amount of time the memories started coming back and I began to clear them one by one. I woke one morning and felt the brain slip into partnership with the mind. I cleared my abundance blocks and started making plans for my future. This would not have happened without the hand technique because I had tried many different modalities to heal before without success.

Mary S

I love experiencing the shift of my perspective about the memories (and the accompanying beliefs) that I use the HT on. I am noticing a pattern of realizing a truth about life (a truth not just for me, but a truth for all) after doing the technique. When this happens, I know I've realized the emotional charge attached to the memory and it makes me smile. Amazing to be able to adjust my perspective on things so quickly! Yahoooo!

Eric N

Wow! Just had an amazing experience using the HT on myself. I had some nervous/anxious energy in the area of solar plexus leading up to a business later this afternoon. I felt amped/charged. During the use of the HT on that feeling in my body it moved to my back, up and down my spine, from my tailbone to the back of my skull and changed to what I can only describe as a nearly orgasmic feeling. It was intense! The intensity increased and subsided with each hand, like what I picture as a bell curve or a part of a frequency wave. I feel calm now, grounded and ready to stay out of any stories and use wisdom in my negotiation. I LOVE this! Thank you Karen, Katie and all the coaches.

Phyllis G

I have a confession to make...I was on the fence about the HT...up until today. One of my practice clients had a brother that committed suicide this week. I showed my client the HT a week ago. We even talked about how I could work with his brother. Unfortunately, that didn't happen soon enough. But using the HT, I got to help my client work through some of the tough stuff the survivors feel. I'm feeling grateful to be in the right place at the right time for him. I have a new respect for and confidence in the HT. Feeling grateful!