Read some of the amazing experiences people have had using our Techniques!

Cherell Holladay

Dr Cherell Holladay said: I had been having pain in my hands for weeks from arthritis. After doing the Brainsweep that evening I was fixing dinner and reached for a heavy pan picked it up put the pan on the stove and realized that I did not have any pain in my hands. Before doing the Brainsweep I had to use both hands to pick up this pan and it was painful. Now my hands are pain free.

Wendy Stout, PhD

I felt nothing with the Brain Sweep at the time. Or the next day. Then my legs tingled the third night. The day before yesterday as I went to get dinner and expected the pain I have been experiencing when I eat for the past 5 months I realized that it wasn't there. I noticed my body all day yesterday. WOO HOO! Pain is gone! No more waking up in pain at night! Thank you, Karen.

Pamela R.

Well I have to share.... I'm blown away. I did the Brain Sweep 2 nights ago, and yesterday felt incredibly energized and revitalized. Like I have been fed by the fountain of youth. My stomach was so noisy late in the day. No hunger, no pain, just shifting. I could not get to sleep, I had so much energy. Not the typical; racing thoughts; just pure energy. So, then, I decided to do it again. When I did... I was relaxed and when I fell asleep was solid and sound. Got up this morning, put on my jeans and I seemed to be smaller my belt went in a couple notches. Low and behold. I have lost 2.2 lbs of body fat... went up in Lean muscle mass and lost 5 inches... in two days. Now you, know why I am so blown away. And to boot the pain and stiffness I had in my right knee is gone....

Irene T.

Just wanted to share a small change in my health since doing the BrainSweep (and also the Ht). I didn't do the BrainSweep specifically for this issue, but it has changed, none-the-less. Normally like for the past 10 years at least, I fluctuate in and out of Atrial Fibrilation. Today I had a checkup and the Doctor was listening to my heart. She had a puzzled look on her face and she told me to stop breathing for a second. I did and she still looked puzzled. She said "your heart is in sinus rhythm". I just gave her a blank look and she explained that usually I would be in A-fib, but now it is normal sinus rhythm. I was quite shocked, but pleasantly! I don't understand how it happened, but I will accept it!

Dr. Irena Kyd

I am sleeping again after years of insomnia. Initially the HT worked wonders (that was back in October I think), but STOPPED working after about 2-3 weeks. I talked to Karen about it (while in Rome) and she said: Tomorrow you'll learn something that will let you sleep for the rest of your life. Guess what that something was? Yep, BRAINSWEEP! So now I do brainsweep every night before going to sleep and I sleep well!

Serina Craig

I had an amazing experience with Sharon Dickerson. She helped me over come anxieties and stress from my past of experiencing child abuse she gave me tools to help de stress and not let my anxieties over come me. Her home was warm and inviting and she was very sweet and worked around my busy schedule. She truly is an amazing coach.

Deborah Lofley

Sherryll is an accomplished healer and I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions over the last 20 years. She works with compassion, empathy, intuition and wisdom. As a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for 25+ years I found the Prolympian hand technique effective and very helpful. Love your work Sherryll.

Victoria Hargis

As a client learning about the hand technique I kept thinking it was too easy to work. I didn't remember specific memories at first so I worked on emotions that would come up. I had blocked a lot of stuff out, however over a short amount of time the memories started coming back and I began to clear them one by one. I woke one morning and felt the brain slip into partnership with the mind. I cleared my abundance blocks and started making plans for my future. This would not have happened without the hand technique because I had tried many different modalities to heal before without success.

Mary S

I love experiencing the shift of my perspective about the memories (and the accompanying beliefs) that I use the HT on. I am noticing a pattern of realizing a truth about life (a truth not just for me, but a truth for all) after doing the technique. When this happens, I know I've realized the emotional charge attached to the memory and it makes me smile. Amazing to be able to adjust my perspective on things so quickly! Yahoooo!

Eric N

Wow! Just had an amazing experience using the HT on myself. I had some nervous/anxious energy in the area of solar plexus leading up to a business later this afternoon. I felt amped/charged. During the use of the HT on that feeling in my body it moved to my back, up and down my spine, from my tailbone to the back of my skull and changed to what I can only describe as a nearly orgasmic feeling. It was intense! The intensity increased and subsided with each hand, like what I picture as a bell curve or a part of a frequency wave. I feel calm now, grounded and ready to stay out of any stories and use wisdom in my negotiation. I LOVE this! Thank you Karen, Katie and all the coaches.

Phyllis G

I have a confession to make...I was on the fence about the HT...up until today. One of my practice clients had a brother that committed suicide this week. I showed my client the HT a week ago. We even talked about how I could work with his brother. Unfortunately, that didn't happen soon enough. But using the HT, I got to help my client work through some of the tough stuff the survivors feel. I'm feeling grateful to be in the right place at the right time for him. I have a new respect for and confidence in the HT. Feeling grateful!

Yvonne Wheeler

Recently I had a transformational coaching session with a Hazel Moore, a Certified Prolympian Life Enhancement Coach-PTSD/Other Trauma Specialty.   I always felt something was wrong with me, like I did not fit in anywhere. It’s like I was always living in the future or in “la-la-land” or "day dreaming" because I always felt alone. Most of my life I was alone, doing my thing. I was happy alone. But as soon as someone entered my space I could barely function. I know “Why” now.   I’ve spent thousands of dollars in my lifetime on a lot of therapy, counseling and expensive coaching sessions, as well as on a dozen or more alternative approaches for relieving this underlying “feeling of not being good enough” or “feeling of not being liked” or even “feeling of not really being loved”. I was angry with myself for repeating self-sabotage patterns, in certain areas of my life, and did not know how to stop it.   I was on my mission: A personal "search for meaning”.    Hazel, during the session, asked me to feel myself at the age of “One” (for this particular protocol) which she decided to do that day. I responded that "I see myself but I cannot feel myself. I see my skin around my body but like it is empty! I feel my hair and my eyes, nose and mouth. My body feels light and empty!”    Hazel proceeded with her coaching as she had me go back to my time in the womb of my mother. I shared spontaneously "Wow! I can feel my body completely vibrant and bouncing. I feel all this energy and an inner joy of just being there. It’s a powerful energy, an energy vibrating at a much higher frequency than I have felt in along time.” Then all of a sudden I could see myself in the womb. I could feel the vibrant powerful energy and this total peace simultaneously. There was an inner knowing that all is OK.   I then had a vision of my mother screaming “Not now! Not now! Please, please, not now”. My mother told me I was born pre-mature at 6 months and was kept wrapped up in a shoebox with blankets warmed in the old wood stove. She told me how terrified she was as my father was away in the National Guard. Her sixteen-year-old brother delivered me. It took a while before she and I were brought to the hospital. So everything made sense.   I shared with Hazel what I learned form this and how my mother’s trauma and fear had been embodied in me. Hazel continued with other Neurokinesis Techniques and guided me in clearing out all those memories. I waited a week to see how my life changed since this happened.    My confidence, clarity and focus have come back. My energy level is stable and vibrant with a few spikes of very high vibrations, when I consciously relax during the day and spontaneously do the Neurokinesis Techniques she taught me. My relationships with others involved in my business are on a whole new level of good communication, team collaboration and excitement about where the business is going.    Thank you Hazel and Prolympian International.

Susan Williams

Hello My name is Susan Williams I have been a Life Coach for several years, helping people move forward in their lives overcoming fear of not being enough to accomplish their goals and moving through past trauma. What I found is even having all these skills myself and having done a lot of self work over the years around my own trauma and abusive relationships, I couldn’t control my own triggers.  I would be blindsided by my emotions in situations that I was free of being in any danger. Yet, there it was…fear pounding in my head and chest, trying to breath normal, trying to look like I was in total control of myself and still freaking out on the inside.  I used to get so angry about not being able to control my emotions when I would trigger in what seemed like a perfectly normal situation.  It would take days to coach myself back to level ground.  I even started altering my life to make sure I didn’t run into a situation that would trigger me.  I found this to be true not only for myself but my clients too. When I heard about Prolympian and how they were teaching skills that would stop my body and brain from high jacking me when I would expeirence a trigger, well I was all over it.  The first session I had, my coach told me to start with a small memory/issue.  I didn’t do that…I started with the one that frustrated me the most that I seemed to have no control over at all.  After our session I thought “well I don’t feel any different?”  About a month later I was presented with the situation/person that would trigger me the most.  I had ONE HEART BEAT in my chest then a feeling of calmness came over me, and then a feeling of compasion for the person instead of fear.  INCREDIBLE FREEDOM!!!!!!!   I am so thankful for Karen and her teachings, changed my life.

Virinder Pam Grewall

Virinder (Pam) Grewall said: I had intense pain from a muscle spasm on my entire left back that usually happens in winter. I had an appointment for the Clock and Stairs training with my Team Mentor that I did not want to cancel. As we completed the training, she asked if I knew what triggered that pain. I told her it was the cold. However, upon digging a little deeper, it turned out that it was triggered when I felt helpless, or was in situations that I had no control over. We went down the entire trail to when I was 4 1/2 years old. Most recently it was triggered by the book I had read - Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, where this surgeon talks about geriatric care and limited options available. Well, my TM asked me to put my feelings of helplessness under the hand and lo and behold that pain was gone and has not come back. This was 11 days ago!!!!!

Andre Hart

My name is Andre Hart. I was born in Saint Petersburg Russia. I was abandoned as a baby and was expected to die. I lived. I spent the first years of my life in an orphanage where I was programmed to be a machine. Everything I did was in reaction, response, or at command of another person. I suppressed my emotions. Showing emotion meant you were weak, and the weak simply don't get far. I was blessed to be adopted by a loving family who brought me to the USA, to give me a chance to be what I wanted to be. I suppressed my emotions. Showing emotion meant you were weak, and the weak simply don't get far. I was blessed to be adopted by a loving family who brought me to the USA, to give me a chance to be what I wanted to be. Still, the shock of this "New World" terrified me. I have no idea what the biggest impact of the transition was, but I know that I was disconnected. I refused to connect with others. I struggled to make and keep friends.  Soon, I grew to a mentality of "me against the world". My first intervention was actually when I was 17. A major event in my life changed my perspective on the world. Soon, I grew to a mentality of "me against the world". My first intervention was actually when I was 17. A major event in my life changed my perspective on the world. The event triggered a realization of who I truly could become, but also knowing that I wasn't there yet. I saw a light to guide my path, and I progressed, but then I lost it. I fell back into a sense of helplessness and depression set in again. I knew that I needed to find a sense of purpose. So I joined Law Enforcement. I worked for two years in the County Jail. I learned to work with the "Mentally Ill". I became certified to work on a Crisis Response Team. Quickly, I saw myself in these "mentally ill". I realized that I went through a crisis. I had suffered trauma. But my trauma was so deep, that I blocked all memory of it. I left Law Enforcement to become a coach, and after joining the Prolympian Team, I started using the hand technique by itself to work on this trauma that I didn't even remember. Friends, IT WORKS!!!!! I went from SCARY nightmares to horrific to describe to nights of peaceful sleep. I went from scanning for the next person that could possibly harm me, to scanning for the next person to help. My fear of people became an excitement to teach people. What once were my night terrors, became my dreams for the future!! My brain went from obsessing over possible causes of death and how to survive, to dream of building a life that I won't need a vacation from! Men were not meant to have a life of reactive surviving, but a life of proactively living!!!  


My start with Hand Technique - I first did it about 2 weeks before Seattle.. to the best of my ability (since the 2 videos I watched - Tim and Barbara - were different). Then next morning I felt like I was drunk, bumping into things but no head spinning. It took about 4 hours to go away (with the help of some homeopathic remedies, finally). I did not know until Seattle that this is the mind vs. the brain tug of war. I signed up end of June, it didn't actually happen until after the July 4th weekend.. I did the Hand Technique again in Seattle and that started my 28 days (though I didn't know to count them, at that point). Although there were a lot of things that brought mild tears to my eyes, there really were no charged memories (that I was aware of). Pasha suggested working the things that brought tears, which eventually I did. I had my reluctance to give up meditation (7 years in the Institute for Consciousness Development and 3x daily meditation) and energy work. I gave up meditation right away (hard!!) and the daily energy work with my teacher a week later, when I finally committed.. And here's why I committed.. I couldn't find charged memories because I had worked really well on detachment. I took things I KNEW used to bother me.. As I started to work them, I would get (hints of) feelings (fear/pit of my stomach, cringe in my shoulders, confusion, not belonging, etc, etc,). I worked each one of those AND started to get relief and release. Then sometimes, associated memories would come. I would work those away with Hand Technique. I realized finally that all of the stuff I had done previously did work, to a point...but hadn't really removed the source.. and with the Hand Technique I actually was removing the source.. (almost like magic). Still, I never had any big ahas or releases like many others (why do we compare?). I have been called a Chinese puzzle box on steroids.. I have been very good at hiding things away - something I got a lot better at 32 years ago, when my pregnant sister-in-law was murdered and I was told that if I didn't "get over it" I would never nurse my newborn - that one I DELIberately put away, and am waiting still to work on...(help appreciated) On one of Karen's calls, I found myself sobbing, for a good 15 minutes. It took me two days of hands but I finally got it - she was talking to a boy about being able to tell on an adult, to make it safe for other children... my crying was thankfulness for the safe place, finally, for me and what we are creating for others. I have held myself in fear all this time. I could feel the shift. (My body also started to detox from this for about 5 days) I really do this daily.. some days I think it works better than others, but when I stop analyzing I see that it is working. Every time. Many thanks to Karen for bringing this to us AND for where we are going with it and who we will help. And thank you too, to everyone who is helping us to take this where it needs to go. So very grateful.

Olga Vargas-Sewell

Thank you for taking the time to share the facts. Personally I didn't need them. Because the truth is, NO one force me to join Prolympian International. Something in my core told me it was my path. I had booked vacation six months in advanced, a campsite for a week in beautiful Muskoka. But just four days before the live training in Seattle I was sent a link with PC website. This person that sent me this link became my TL and I spent my time in SEA getting to know my team. Shortly after my TL and other members of my group either left PC or switch teams. I was left alone and a bit confused of who will back me up. I reach for Karen Sabourin and she was so caring, she hook me up with an AMAZIING team. She also understood my needs since I was struggling with time and having enough time to fulfil training since I had other work commitments previously schedule.
Karen has always been there for me when I needed her but not necessarily when I was acting needy. Big Difference!

One day I was in so much pain I reach again for Karen I could not walk much without pain, I was not paralyzed but I was really scare because the pain was taking control of me. The thing was that I had to work a flight to Amsterdam that night.
Karen text me back and explained to me my doubts about the pain technique, I made my boyfriend watch the video that was posted in the main old website available for anyone to watch. He understood, that video together with the extra info that Karen text me was all what my non Prolympian boyfriend needed to guide him through. He applied the technique in my back. I felt a bit better. Karen said repeat it every two hours. The bad news was my boyfriend had a flight to catch and left. By 3:30 pm my children arrived. I was still in pain and barely walking. I made my 13 years old watch the video of pain management. She learned the technique. She did it on my back my son record ded the expereince with his iPad. I felt a bit better. She did it again after another two hours. That same night I worked as a flight attendant a flight to Amsterdam. I was in no pain or what so ever. In my time off in Amsterdam I have videos to proof all the adventures I managed to fulfilled. Like a late canal boat ride. Walk through out the whole city. Diner and meeting an old friend.

No one force me to be a Prolympian.
It is a choice. And I will have to be naive to think that after three days of training in Seattle I was ready to handle PTSD clients.
The time was needed for me to grow and experience to be a client first.

Surrender has been my biggest asset.

I like this way to see things:

Thomas Edison's teachers said he was "too stupid to learn anything." He was fired from his first two jobs for being "non-productive." As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

We always have a choice to see what we want to see.

Thank you

Belinda H.

My name is Belinda. This is my testimony for the Neurokinesis Intervention.

I grew up in a large, Irish, “we stick together and are there for each other,” catholic family. This was my experience:
• At age 3 or 4, I witnessed my Dad strangling my mum. Instead of doing something, I fell asleep. Everything was ok in the morning.
• Age 9, I tried to commit suicide by jumping from a three story building. The only reason I didn’t jump was I thought if reincarnation did exist, I would be reborn and have to go through the first nine years again.
• At 12, I phoned and asked my Granddad for help. It was the first time I had asked anyone for help; I had had enough of the beating. He never came because my mum said I had lied. Later my aunt told me how selfish I was because my Granddad could have been hurt if my step-dad had hit him.
• From age 3 to 15, I was emotionally abused, physically beaten, neglected, and abandoned, until I ran away from ‘home’ at 15 and was homeless.
• From age 4 to 15, I went to 16 different schools and moved to 14 different areas of the UK.
• From age 3 to 15, I witnessed my younger sisters being abused, which I now realize I found much harder to deal with than my own abuse.
• From age 15 to 20, I became involved in the wrong sort of church, got married, had a baby, divorced and once again became homeless – this time with a baby.

Finally, at 22, I bought my first house and started university. I did this by sheer determination that my daughter would not go through what I had.

I met my current husband at 23 and then the PTSD began.

Now at 47, I can say that after two months of solid "getting it done" with the intervention, which was not a pleasant journey for me, I no longer have the following issues in my life:
• Alcohol every night, to “mask” the pain of the first 20 years of my life.
• Anxiety, which left me avoiding going outside, talking to people, driving in busy areas, socializing, etc.
• Sleeplessness, to the point of needing 12 hours plus a midday nap.
• Guilt, because I couldn’t do simple things other people could do. I had to force myself to do most things for my kids, who I love with all my heart.
• Eating too much, to make the guilt, shame and pain feel better.
• Indecisiveness, because I thought too much about how my decisions would affect others, even down to what I wore to shops – LOL!
• All those horrid “what if scenarios” that drove me literally insane!
• So far my Bipolar symptoms have not resurfaced.
• My depression has gone.

I have so much more energy, I sleep like a fantastic baby, I’m not on edge all of the time and can actually relax!

On doing the stairs technique – at one point there were four of me on one of the steps; it was a freaky feeling, but good.

If there is a down side to this intervention, it’s that I no longer socialize with people I thought were supportive friends and family. Some became nasty because I didn’t want to listen to the same stories or drama endlessly, and some family members dear to me, want to remain victims.

I don’t know how I survived the stress I gave myself, let alone what others had given me, through my lifetime. My husband and three great children will someday know how many times they saved my life with their heartfelt words, gestures, love and laughter. They gave me strength beyond me, so I never gave in and never surrendered to that endless black cloud.

Don’t doubt this intervention, I’m living proof it works. Don’t think about it, just do it. Stop surviving your life and live your life because you are worth it and have so much to offer.

Live long and prosper!

Karen, I thank you for giving me my life back… and so do all the people I have already helped and those I will help. Xoxoxoxoxo.


I don’t have to say “Yes” any more just because I couldn’t say “No”.

I was 29 when I learned of the sexual abuse I experienced at 4 years old. At that time in my life, just prior to turning 30, I was very confused, lost, always uncertain of why life felt the way it did to me, nightmares, terror, and felt very strongly that I would not live much longer. One of the hardest things for me to conquer through my lifetime has been to learn how to say “No”. No matter how I tried to get myself to say “no” to things I knew were not good for me, in most incidents I could not make it happen. I am now 61 years old, and within a few weeks of the hand technique I not only learned how to say “no”, I also learned very clearly why it was so difficult for me in the past.

It has been my experience that the pealing off of the layers of trauma carries a delicate grace, as if a beautiful silk linen is wafting through and around my body softening the blisters and memories. I sometimes sit in awe for long periods of time honoring all that has come before, as I watch it dissolve into dust. I am forever grateful for all the inspiration, heart, and hard work that brought this profound gift and life-saving blessing to us all. A whole new set of windows are opening up for me.

Sheila S.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with PTSD after going through a fire and losing my home. In my search for help with dealing with the symptoms, my insurance company kept sending me to their covered practitioners, of which none of them had training or (I think) even any knowledge of what PTSD is. So, they ended up triggering me way more than helping me and I quit going to them in frustration. I decided that I was going to take this into my own hands to find a way through. I ended up trying almost every modality out there, and eventually I found that my triggers were coming down and I was getting control of them, instead of them controlling me......while I was awake. When I was asleep, that was a different matter. In sleep mode, I could not control my triggers, and my nervous system would stay on hyper-vigilant, which meant for 6 years, I only slept 1.5 hours at a time. I never could figure out what was waking me up, but it was literally like clock work, every time I woke up, it was exactly 1.5 hours after the last time. You can imagine the affect that living in complete exhaustion can do to you. I ended up being diagnosed with a stress based chronic illness that added chronic fatigue and chronic pain to my 'labels'. When I first heard of this project, my initial thought was maybe this is the missing piece for me that I have been looking for, as to how to deal with my sleep issue was my last mystery to solve. Three days in of learning the hand technique and practicing it, I started sleeping again....and now almost consistently, I am stringing 6 hours together before I wake up. There have actually been a few 7+ hours nights as well! My exhaustion levels are going down, my chronic pain is becoming less and less, there are even days I forget about it all together. I have found that when I remember to do the hand technique in bed right before I close my eyes, is when I get my best sleeps. I can feel myself getting back to the 'old' me, but better. Knowing what this one technique has done for me, gets me excited about the possibilities for others. I am so grateful!

Shawna O.

Hello all, I wanted to share a wonderful experience that I am basing on my continued use of the HT! Having dealt with type 1 diabetes for 50 years of my life, prior to having this amazing training, I had used my "mindset" to reverse or avoid "all the statistical physical side affects I would suffer" through alternative healing modalities because of the "diagnosis." There has been one area that has been most elusive challenge to heal for me, my eyes. I have had laser surgeries and many treatments , including a corneal transplant because of an accident. About 3 weeks ago I started putting everything I could remember and think of that had been told to me from about 4 years old on "regarding losing my vision" from my well intended parents and multiple doctors. 2 weeks ago, my eyes started hurting every time I put on my glasses to drive. I knew the prescription had become too strong. This morning I saw the optometrist and she, knowing my history, said, "well you've done it again....your glasses are too strong! People your age and especially with your medical history don't have this kind of improvement." I knew that because I had done so much clearing around that it is becoming more and more safe to be in the NOW and "see the truth" without fear. Pretty sure as I do more clearing on this and other aspects of health and life, there will be even less need for correction in of my future! Soooo excited and grateful for this amazing work.

Dil Transcend

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 2 years ago. Felt tired very easily. Had good days and bad days with body ache, due to muscular inflammation. If I exercised, I suffered for days. I also suffered from IBS due to bowel inflammation. There was a constant feeling of malaise and feeling terribly unwell. On the best of days it felt like I was recovering from a long illness. All medical tests showed up fine. To top it all, there was this mind fog. What they call Fibro fog. I couldn't focus too well and was getting very forgetful. It was affecting my work. I had gaps of memory loss with the most recent conversations.

All of this left me feeling helpless and hopeless. I cut down on all my activities and interests. Stopped smoking. Changed my diet. Nothing seemed to help. With the help of naturopathy, meditation, supplements and various other modalities that I practise, I managed to keep myself from getting worse. But it never got any better.

Doctors told me there was no cure or treatment for this. That it would only get worse with time. They also told me they didn’t know as yet why it occurs and that they think it has to do with the nerves. And that all that could help me were anti-inflammatory pain killers.

My friends in the healing and naturopathy line told me it was caused by trauma. That made sense to me. I seem to have coped very well with life and all it’s ups and downs. It hasn’t been easy, but neither has it been traumatic. I’ve learnt to focus on the positives and have managed very well on the whole. But I did start wondering if it was all the energy of the stress and traumas, of over the years, that I was still holding on to in my body.

I could barely function. It was extremely depressing to feel so ill and incapacitated all the time. I would appear cheerful and healthy, but it took everything I had left. I was constantly searching for anything that would make me feel better. I thought it was all downhill from that point.

Six months ago, I discovered the Prolympian Hand Technique. It was only after the 4th week of practising it, that I felt one day, that I was having a ‘very’ good day. Like nothing was wrong with me. For the first time in 10 years, I was having formed motions and there was no churning in my gut, no body ache, and I wasn’t feeling ill at all. I waited for the symptoms to come back, but they never did. I can now exercise as normal and my mind is sharp again. I am so grateful for the Prolympian Hand Technique. I’ve got my life back.

Pam Virinder

I had intense pain from a muscle spasm on my entire left back that usually happens in winter. I had an appointment for the Clock and Stairs training with my Team Mentor that I did not want to cancel. As we completed the training, she asked if I knew what triggered that pain. I told her it was the cold. However, upon digging a little deeper, it turned out that it was triggered when I felt helpless, or was in situations that I had no control over. We went down the entire trail to when I was 4 1/2 years old. Most recently it was triggered by the book I had read - Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, where this surgeon talks about geriatric care and limited options available. Well, my TM asked me to put my feelings of helplessness under the hand and lo and behold that pain was gone and has not come back. This was 11 days ago!!!!!

Helene L.

Following one of the last calls where I ask you the question: What can I do for sleep apnea? Well, I followed your recommendation of doing the stairs. Kim Clavette was so kind in offering doing it with me. So we started and I got stuck a few places I haven’t before. This time it was clear there was something wrong as I was shaking and crying. I went on… Since then, almost a week, I sleep like a log, I am conscious of my breathing, which is from the lower part of my lungs and my husband tells me I didn’t do sleep apnea since. I wake up energized. However, I fall asleep in the afternoon, which is so unusual for me. I feel the blockage in my lungs and solar plexus gone, I breathe free.

Jill Bosman

For the past few years my household income has steadily decreased and I have been living on an emotional roller coaster. My thoughts ranged from "It will be ok, things will get better soon, " to "I don't know how I will pay my bills. How will I buy food? What if I go even further in debt and lose my house? How will I face my family and friends? Where will we live? What is wrong with me?" Thank goodness I found my coach, Susan Williams! She put me at ease from the very beginning of our session with her competent and compassionate manner. She taught me the HT, which I have used consistently ever since. I know I can rely on the HT to calm me down during emotional, anxious episodes. And while our income has not increased much, my outlook and my ability to function has greatly improved.


Prolympian Coaching has transformed my life. I’ve done a ton of self-growth and healing work on myself for about 20 years. The Brainsweep and other Prolympian techniques were the missing link in my success, getting to the root of traumas and experiences that were ‘stuck’ in my brain, and helping me to really, truly, FINALLY be able to release them, and very quickly.

Before doing the Prolympian techniques I had PTSD that would be triggered to varying levels. After just one session of Brainsweep, I felt an immediate, profound difference in myself. Now all those triggers are disappearing, one by one, as I continue doing the techniques on my own.

I feel more confident, much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m able to navigate life’s ups and downs easily. My relationship is amazing. My stress and anxiety are extremely low. I no longer feel shame about any of my past. I don’t feel the need to please people, or get caught up in drama, or enmeshed in other’s pain. My limiting beliefs about my life, my self, my career, are disappearing.

Where I once wondered if I could ever actually feel joy, now I am truly happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and I can see the future is bright! I'll forever be grateful to Prolympian for these techniques, and the transformation I've experienced.