About Our Founders

About Our Founders

Karen Sabourin, CEO

MCHt, Author, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist
Co-Founder of Prolympian International, Inc.

For the past 30+ years, Karen has been highly respected across North America for her innovative life enhancement programs for individuals, couples, families, children and teams.

She is known for her insightful, down to earth approach that is balanced with an edgy sense of humor that clients find helpful. Karen is deeply respectful, sincere and sensitive to individuality and diversity.

She believes a community needs healthy role models and this belief has led to Karen dedicating many resources and her time to benefiting others.

She is an author, an international motivational speaker, a certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, and an award winning philanthropist.

  • In 1983, Karen opened a full service hypnotherapy clinic that soon became and international sensation with business owners and governments for getting results.
  • In 1995, along with a diverse group of medical visionaries, Karen co-founded one of the first fully integrated clinical physio-therapeutic spa facilities to be covered by major insurers.
  • In 2001, Karen co-founded a non profit for destitute single-parent families that went on to win numerous prestigious community awards. Karen developed the self-reliance programs along with powerful parenting courses intended to end the poverty cycles. She also founded the social club for children called Homegrown Heroes that became a huge success for achieving “self-reliance” at any age.
  • Today, Karen is proud to return to work after a fierce battle with cancer, to do her next project globally as Prolympian International Inc. which is dedicated to ending the ravages of violence in lives, homes and communities. The PTSD Project Started April 1, 2016.

Karen has been re-certified and returned to take on today’s issues – PTSD, violence, obesity, hyper stressed lifestyles and the loss of “community” for many families and children. Karen has focused her solution oriented programs on fast results – permanent results – using her personal motto of “Do it right once!”

These programs train individuals, couples, and children how to be loved, lovable and loving as you succeed at gaining “healthy wealth” for benefiting you and your community.


  • First Place Winner: Outstanding Community Spirit Award
    Sponsored by Scotiabank & United Way Lower Mainland
  • First Place Winner: Volunteer Vancouver’s Innovation Award
    Sponsored by VanCity Savings & Credit Union
  • Finalist in the Spirit of Vancouver Awards
    Sponsored by The Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Featured in multiple issues of The Courier, The Vancouver Sun, Business In Vancouver Magazine, The Province, and The Langley Times.
  • Featured in multiple segments of Global News, CTV News, The Board of Trade Show Presentations, The Shaw Vancouver Foundation Series “Caring for Communities.”

Katie Sabourin

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Co-Founder of Prolympian International, Inc.

Katie Sabourin has decades of experience as a very successful administrator. She has won major awards for her work in the non-profit sector. Katie has earned an admirable reputation for her skills with people. The Prolympian Coaching venture is the culmination of 16 years of dedicating her skills to help build programs teaching others to have the capacity to succeed, regardless of their challenges.

Now, as a co-founder and COO, she is once again focused on using everything she has learned and taught herself, to build programs for benefiting her clients and the community.