About Prolympian International, Inc.

The owners of the company, Prolympian International, Inc. have experienced the ravages of PTSD in their own family. Karen Sabourin, the CEO, has been a successful therapist since 1983. She made the decision to return to work after having cancer to get this job done because she realized she could not live with herself if she didn’t. Karen’s daughter, Katie Sabourin, the COO, has led quite a challenging life as well.

Both women became profoundly committed to this project when their granddaughters and nieces were born. As more school shootings and other tragedies became daily news, these two women decided to stand up and do something positive because nothing will change for the better until it is addressed efficiently and effectively.

They have joined their successes and skills together to do a very practical approach to resolve a very serious problem. Both women are committed to leaving a legacy of doable solutions instead of excuses.

Others can say the PROBLEM is too big.

These two

women say…

“Somebody has got to do whatever is needed to get it done. It is about the decision just to get busy getting it done. The longer we wait, the bigger the problem will become, and the more children that will suffer. We finally have real solutions available in real time. So, there are no acceptable excuses in our mind for delaying getting this job done. We only have to be qualified to execute it and to make sure we get it done. And we have the experience and the expertise, plus the help.”

“Our model uses one reality we learned when we succeeded in our award winning non-profit. It is not enough to solve the PTSD. We have to deal with the devastation that the PTSD caused in the lives of the people it affected.

“So we are going for the full recovery and then ensuring the full self-reliance of each person we can help. So, beyond the intervention for ending the ravages of PTSD, we are providing training and opportunities in every aspect of healthy lifestyles. That is why we started the Prolympian Coaches model for a solution.

“We do not see therapy as the only solution needed. We see getting help to thrive in relationships, in jobs, in health and in finances for these clients as the only way to definitely end the cycle in this generation of the devastating harm from rampant PTSD in our global community. We did it before for our non-profit and we will do it again for this project by using a pro-profit model. ”